“LEADING WITH STATE OF HEART” SONNENHAUSEN NEAR MUNICH 24th-25th September 2020 with Boris Diekmann

One Stunning Location - Two Days of Growth - Infinte potential.

Joining this inspiring 2-day summer retreat at beautiful Manor “Gut Sonnenhausen” – Home of the Sun – will allow you to access your innate best self, resilience and wellbeing more systematically, and lead from that healthy place. Together with fellow leaders you will be able to experience a journey of personal growth and transformation, and reengage with practical tools to support your leadership.


“Feeling fully energised having spent two full days with Boris Diekmann. Without doubt Boris is THE master of stimulating positive transformation in a way that is highly engaging, inspiring and deeply personal to all.“

Chris McManus
Chief Human Resource Officer | Charles Tyrwhitt

“Working with Boris has helped me and my team to focus on lifting up our mood and working together on delivering our results despite very challenging conditions. I genuinely recommend Boris to senior executives who want to unlock their potential and work as one team.”

Hani Weiss
CEO | Carrefour | Dubai

“A great facilitator, consultant and coach who brings insight to others in a profound yet very humble and respectful way.”

Richard Bateman
Culture Lead | Rolls Royce

“Partnering with Boris has helped me and my entire department to be at their best more often. I believe, that without this work, we would not have gotten the results we see today.”

Shireen El Khatib
CEO | MAF Fashion

“What really sets Boris apart is his compassion and incredibly positive energy. He tries to understand people and the environments they work in, and as a result he can affect change on even the largest scale. ”

David Kovara
Head of Talent | Premira



Your package includes:

  • 2 all-inclusive nights at Gut Sonnenhausen
  • your workshop participation (of course)
  • 2 signed copies of the book “Chief Energy Officer”
  • an invitation to a follow-up Zoom-meeting with the group
  • a personal follow-up coaching conversation if desired
  • oh…and a beautiful journal

All you need to do, is to come to Gut Sonnenhausen the evening before the session and bring all of who you are.

Arrival: 23rd September, a dinner will be served at 18:30
Start: 24th September 08:30
End: 25th September 17:00

Individual: 1500 Euros, plus VAT if applicable
Corporate: 2000 Euros, plus VAT if applicable

A 20% earlybird discount is available for payments by May 29th.

The location: Bavaria at its best
Let’s not waste many words – have a look at their website. Sonnenhausen – home of the sun – It’s a place full of sunny, peaceful, joyous, healthy energy – just the right place for our time together.

Gut Sonnenhausen
Sonnenhausen 2
85625 Glonn

Gut Sonnenhausen is only 35 min by car from Munich airport. The team at Gut Sonnenhausen is committed to operating in sustainable way.

You can book additional nights, if you’d like to stay longer or bring your family over the weekend.Discover more at: www.sonnenhausen.de:


If you are a leader who cares deeply about wellbeing, growth, resilience at the workplace and hence the health and sustainable performance of your people, then this retreat is a unique opportunity to grow your leadership capacities allowing you to do so.

This uniquely engaging retreat will allow you to pause and step back, to explore and discover, to reconnect with and embody more often your inner capacity to

  • access your innate best self, resilience and wellbeing
  • lead from a healthy state of mind and “state of heart”
  • acknowledge and embrace the less healthy parts of yourself as gateway for growth
  • nurture a healthy high performing culture in your team and organization

Leaders who have participated in this immersive workshop report that they found it highly relevant to their work, truly rewarding, transformative, inspiring and at times even life changing.

You will leave with:

  • even greater awareness of the role and impact of your thoughts, moods and energy
  • practical, proven ideas to be you best self-more often, limit the damage when you’re not, and return to your leadership center
  • insights into the power of your thoughts in co-creating results you want
  • your personal Strengths Finder profile and greater awareness of your leadership power
  • a signed copy of “Chief Energy Officer”
  • memories of meaningful, joyful, lighthearted moments with likeminded friends

The group size is limited so you can fully benefit both from the presence, support and energy of your fellow-participants.

“State of Heart” goes straight to the bottom line.

Ultimately, human performance is a function of human energy, reflected in our “State of Heart”. When our work feels meaningful, when we feel at our best, truly valued, safe and connected with one another – we naturally tend to execute significantly better and faster.
Our “State of Heart” goes straight to the bottom line.

Boris inaugural book “Chief Energy Officer” has been released September 2019 and quickly became an international amazon bestseller ranking in the TOP 10 in US, UK and Germany. “Chief Energy Officer” takes readers on unique journey and helps leaders look at their role through the dimension of human energy.

Get your copy of “Chief Energy Officer” here:
Amazon UK: https://lnkd.in/e96fcYH
Amazon DE: https://lnkd.in/ereHK-3


What gives Boris a buzz is to witness leaders truly connect with their innate health and greatness and nurture higher forms of energy in their teams and organizations.

Boris Diekmann has over 15 years of professional experience in leadership development and culture shaping. As a consultant, facilitator and executive coach, he has supported senior leaders in organizations such as eBay, Rolls Royce, NATO, Nomad Foods, Hertz, British Telecom, l’Occitance en Provence, Novartis, and Citi Bank.

Prior to his work as a coach and facilitator Boris was responsible for the Leadership Development activities at a global division at Siemens. He has been a Vice President with a leading culture shaping firm for over seven years. He also co-devised and piloted the first ever Executive Development Programme in NATO. Until recently Boris was responsible for the culture shaping efforts at Majid Al Futtaim, a prime shopping mall, retail and leisure pioneer across the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Boris is an ICF accredited coach and has been a dedicated student and practitioner of ‘Appreciative Coaching’ that puts the clients’ innate strengths, capabilities and sense of purpose at the very center of the coaching journey.

Boris studied Economics in Toulouse (France), and graduated with distinction from ESCP Europe following studies of international management in Paris, Oxford, and Berlin.
Boris is married, and currently lives with his wife and two children in southern Germany.
For many years he has also lived and worked in London as well as Genova (Italy).
He used to sing when he was a bit younger. Nowadays, he plays a bit of piano and Ukulele to entertain family and friends when he finds a good enough excuse to do so.



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